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Full Leg $75
Half Leg, Back, Chest $40 each
Underarm $20
Lip $10
Chin $10
Eyebrow Shaping $30


Hair Braiding

Braiding Full hair braiding. Starts at $60

Individual braids. $3 each


Mud Wrap

Sulphur Mud Treatment  

Come and Experience a body treatment like no other. Take a drive to the world's only drive in volcano, where the body will thank you. A therapist accompanies you to the volcano in the comfort of a private taxi. On arrival at the volcano, dip yourself into the largest hot tub nature has to offer. The water is full of minerals, salts and enough nutrients to make your skin feel alive again. After dipping into the water, your entire body is scrubbed using the volcanic sand. Feel your skin tingle as dead skin cells are scrubbed away giving you silky soft skin. Wash off the sand in the volcanic water. The volcanic mud is then applied over the entire body including the face (optional) This black volcanic mud contains nutrients to hydrate, revitalize and nourish your skin. It is also very therapeutic and is excellent for conditions such as arthritis, swollen joints, fatigue and stress just to name a few. Sip a cup of hot herbal tea as nature goes to work on your entire body. You are guaranteed to leave the Sulphur Springs a totally relaxed individual.

Please note that you are to make reservations at the spa at least 8 hours prior to this wrap. Black swimwear should be worn, or something that is "not so precious" to you.

Transportation leaves Ladera at 5:00pm. And arrives at the volcano at 5:10pm.

Per couple


Per person


* All prices are listed in US Dollars and are subject to change without notice.

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77° F / 25° C