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Body Scrubs & Wraps

Body Scrubs

Island Spices Buff
An exotic exfoliation option that's good enough to eat. Delicious spices and essential oils of Ginger, Nutmeg, Orange, and Cinnamon veil the body following the removal of this marvelous marmalade. Silky, smooth skin prevails.
Sloughing Sea Salt This scrub exfoliates the skin by removing dry skin and cleansing the pores using sea salt, leaving the skin feeling cleansed and softened. $80
Walnut This aromatic, cream-based body scrub combines the fragrance of walnut with its scrubbing capabilities, leaving the skin cleansed and hydrated. It is ideal for dry/sensitive skin. $80
Flamingo This scrub provides minerals to the skin. It is highly recommended for both men and women. The Flamingo Body Scrub provides antioxidants (A, C & E) to the skin while it is also softening and smoothing with pure sea salt. $80
Sensorial Body Buff
 The journey to smooth, soft skin commences with an invigorating sweet and salty exfoliation customized with your choice of essential oils. The application of an aromatic nourishing lotion leaves skin velvety soft and revitalized.
Hanakasumi Ritual
 Your journey commences with a warm exfoliating cream with cherry blossom and rice powder. Inspired by Japanese bath tradition, an exfoliating towel massage softens the skin and invigorates the body. A unique foot massage based on reflexology, revives vital energy complete with a full body massage or melted aromatic shea butter, bringing blissful relaxation.

Body Wraps

Hydrating A very soothing, moisturizing wrap ideal for men and women with dry or dehydrated skin. $120
Rejuvenating A re-mineralizing body wrap that increases circulation and leaves the body aglow with newfound nourishment. $120
Relaxing A sublimely relaxing, rejuvenating, re-mineralizing body wrap, perfect for any "BODY" anytime. $120
Cleansing For those in need of detox or pore cleansing, this wrap purifies and re-mineralizes, helping the body to balance itself. $120
Parafango This treatment targets cellulite areas. It detoxifies the affected area at the same time nourishes it with an amazing Green algae. Feel the body at work as the serum and seaweed tingle your leg, buttocks and abdomen leaving it refreshed and alive. $120

Deluxe Body Wraps


Body                Wrap Deluxe

Includes body scrub. Choose ONE from:                                                               Spirulina Deluxe                                                                                                 Hydrating Deluxe                                                                                                   Rejuvenating Deluxe                                                                                            Relaxing Deluxe                                                                                                Cleansing Deluxe


* All prices are listed in US Dollars and are subject to change without notice.

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