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Sample Menus


Below are selections from our Continental Breakfast à la carte Menu:

  • Tropical Fruit Plate – A selection of freshly picked fruits in season. Your choice of fresh local juice.
  • Bread Basket – Assorted homemade pastries. Homemade preserves and jams. Your choice of Toast (whole wheat, white, or English muffin). Natural yogurt and fruit yogurt.
  • Choice of Cereals – Local hot porridges served with banana jam, hot milk, cold milk, or skimmed milk and your choice of fresh herbal tea, local cocoa tea, or coffee.
  • Dasheene Full Sunrise Breakfast
  • Carib Fruit Platters – A selection of exotic island fruits.
  • A St.Lucian Mélange – Bacon, sausages, black pudding.
  • Cheese Platter – Cheddar cheese, edam, stilton cheese.
  • International Selection Between the Pitons – Pastrami, ham, salami, smoked salmon and chicken.
  • Egg Selection – Poached, scrambled, boiled, fried, egg white omelets, scrambled egg white.
  • Create Your Own Omelets – With your choice of mushroom, tomato, peppers, ham, bacon, cheese, smoked salmon, onion, and spicy chicken. Or Chef Choice of omelets.
  • Piton Choices – Bagels, pancakes, French toast, grilled tomatoes, banana pancakes, pumpkin pancakes, grilled mushrooms, and fried sweet potatoes.

Please also ask your server about The Chef Choice of the day.

In-Room dining is available for breakfast beginning at 7:00am. Enjoy the start to the day with every excuse to stay in bed. Let us bring breakfast to you!

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea has always been a special celebration at Ladera. At one of the most majestic times of the day, guests enjoy a selection of our complimentary imported teas along with light snacks and pastries. Served in the Bar at Dasheene from 3:30pm to 5:30pm with a spectacular panoramic view, there is no better way to enjoy the afternoon.


  • Seventh Heaven Carrot Soup – Roasted carrot blended with fresh herbs and ginger topped with labelle fruit salsa.
  • Island Sugar Cane Shrimp – Carib shrimp marinated in mild jerk and shadow bennie, then grilled and served on a plantain pancake with seasoning pepper and tamarind winaigrette.
  • St. Lucia Fish Pot Consomme – Caribbean broth with spaghetti of Christophene and Callaloo, topped with blackened scallops.
  • Green Papaya & Pumpkin Fritters (v) – Served with lettuce remoulade dressing.
  • Fried Green Tomato & Plantain Tart (v) – With goat cheese salad and guava balsamic dressing.
  • Smoked Poulet & Coconut Salad – Chicken breast seasoned then smoked and served in a coconut shell with pineapple salsa.
  • Saltfish & Green Fig Salad – Saltfish sautéd with spring onion and green fig. Served in a green banana basket with a pickled cucumber dressing.
  • "In Between Salads" – Dasheene house greens with our unique dressing. Complimentary after appetizers.

Main Courses

(Offered at lunch and dinner service)

  • Shrimp Dasheene – Pan-fried shrimp with a simple blend of local seasoning, peppers & herbs. Gold medal winner, St. Lucia National Menu.
  • Rhythm of Rasta Pasta (v) – Your choice of tagliatelle, linguini or rigatoni. Served with cream of vegetable sauce, local tomato marinara or olive oil with fresh herbs. Add jerk seafood, jerk chicken, or jerk vegetables.
  • What the "Fisherman" Caught Today – Served with your choice of mild jerk butter, local flower butter, lemon caviar butter or Creole sauce.
  • Dasheene Lucian Lamb Curry – Rack of lamb seasoned with fresh local spices, then grilled and served on a coconut risotto with traditional island curry sauce.
  • Tropical Lady Poulet – Breast of chicken marinated with cinnamon spice, then stuffed with plantain mousse on sweet potato Dauphinouise with Lady Labelle sauce.
  • St. Lucia Mojo Steak – Fillet of steak marinated with lime and pepper seasoning, then pan-seared and served with Dasheen fries with Ladera mojo jus.
  • Island Vegetable Tamales (v) – Sautéed pumpkin, carrots, Christophene and lentils with Cajun spice then wrapped in cornmeal and steamed with sweet chili sauce.

In Room Dining is available for lunch and dinner service. Enjoy a relaxing private lunch or a quiet romantic dinner in your suite. Ladera is pleased to offer in room dining to make your stay even more memorable.


  • Rum and Banana Cheesecake – On local coffee sauce.
  • Award-winning James Beard Coconut and Banana Brulée
  • Island Sorbets – Served in a sweet potato basket with Seventh Heaven crystal ginger.
  • Selection of Imported Cheeses – Served with crackers and fruit.
  • Choice of Caribbean Ice Creams
  • Selection of Aperitifs & Cigars

Local Temperature

82° F / 28° C