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St. Lucia Spa Massages

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Swedish Massage
50/90 minutes
A relaxing and therapeutic massage to relieve tired muscles, increase circulation and improve overall skin tone. With smooth, gliding strokes over the entire body, this massage is the perfect treatment for those who are new to massage therapy. Expect to emerge energized and ready to take on the world. Full body, except for face and scalp.
Anti-Stress Massage
50/90 minutes
This massage is the perfect treatment to kick start your relaxing stay at Ladera. Specialized massage techniques pinpoint areas of discomfort or pain caused by stress, muscle strain and over exertion and work to relieve your body from these uncomfortable tensions. Begin this treatment with a soak in the mineral tubs and let your body start to unwind in preparation for the Anti-Stress Massage. Includes face, scalp, back, shoulders and feet.
Deep Tissue Massage
50/90 minutes
Focused on deeper layers of massage and connective tissue, this massage is best suited for those suffering from chronic stiffness or tightness in the neck, shoulders and back. Our therapists use this neuro-muscular massage to apply slower, concentrated pressure on trigger points and pain referral areas. Feel more comfortable and mobile after this treatment. Take in a soak in the mineral tubs to let your body begin the healing process.
Massage Your Mate
90 minutes
This is your opportunity to learn how to massage your partner and help relieve the stresses of the day for each other. In this massage session we teach you how to massage the back, neck and shoulders, to relieve tension and stress.
Romantic Bliss Couples Massage
50 minutes
Take a journey into the wonderful world of aromas to soothe your senses with a full body massage. Indulge in a relaxing and romantic moment together in a peaceful treat.
30 minutes
Leave your feet in our experienced hands! The technique of reflexology focuses on applying pressure and massages elements to the feet with the goal of improving blood circulation, easing tensions, and promoting function within the related areas of the body. Experience the scientific art based on an Ancient therapy where zones and reflex areas in the feet, correspond to a body part, organ or gland. Enjoy the benefits of this stimulating technique that aids the body in its healing process.
Aromatherapy Massage
50/90 minutes
Aromatherapy involves the use of natural plant essences in skin and body care, including mood and cognitive function. Luxuriate in this full body massage, with specially prepared blends of essential oils derived from natural plants, and introduced via the skin and senses. Feel awakened in mind, body and spirit.
Hot Stone Massage
75 minutes
This treatment harnesses the properties of heated volcanic stones. The stones are infused with aromatherapy oils and placed on key energy points of the body to harmonize the spirit. Then, in a firm rhythmic massage sequence, which mimics the strong but steady stream of flowing water, the stones give up their power and warmth to tired and tensed muscles promoting inner peace and releasing muscular tension.
Thai Massage
60 minutes
In this ancient art, there is an interactive manipulation of the body by using passive stretching and acupressure. Using unique techniques, this therapy aligns the skeletal structure, increases flexibility and relieves muscle and joint tension, thereby balancing the body's energy system. The effect is uniquely relaxing and energizing.
In-Room Massage
Enjoy any one of our massage treatments in the comfort and privacy of your suite or villa.